If I am taking lessons do I need a drum kit?

In the longer term it would be great to either purchase an electronic or acoustic drum kit so that you can practise what you have learn’t in lessons so you can progress quickly however, there are exercises that I can teach where you’ll only require a pair of drum sticks and a box!

How much practice do I need to do?

As the saying goes, little and often! Usually I ask beginners to try and establish a routine of 10 minutes a day throughout the week which makes a huge difference in their progression as a learner. However as players become more advanced I ask that they try to achieve around 1 hour a day because of the demands of the material covered. This can also link in with Music GCSE & A Level performance exams if the student wishes to undertake such courses and can be recorded in my studio if required.

Do I have to learn to read music?

Yes, reading music is an extremely useful skill to have as it allows you to play in different musical situations with no or very little rehearsal and aids your understanding of musical theory.

Where can I buy a drum kit?

I would definitely recommend Nicko McBrain’s ‘Drum One’ located in Manchester. I have bought product’s from there before and all of the staff are extremely helpful. If you are a fan of Iron Maiden, Nicko is their drummer so you may catch him in-store!

What if I need to cancel my lesson?

While I appreciate that most students cancel at short notice due to circumstances beyond their control, I unfortunately have to adopt the following policies regarding the cancellation of lessons in all circumstances:


I regrettably have to retain half of the lesson fee to cover the expenses of the facilities, tutor and missed lesson space for cancellations within 24 hours of your agreed lesson time. This helps me to run as efficiently as possible and, given enough notice, potentially open cancelled lessons to other students. This is payable at your next scheduled lesson with your tutor.

Notice given outside of the 24 hour window will not incur a cancellation fee.



Due to the nature of holding larger payments at one time and with the increasing number of enrolling students and subsequent cancellations, I can’t guarantee that I will be able to reschedule any lessons that are missed within the present payment session.

In the event that you need to miss or cancel your lesson, I will attempt to reschedule the lesson wherever possible. If this isn’t practicable, I cannot refund or credit lessons to the following payment session and any missed lessons will be forfeited by the student.

Drums are loud! Will I need ear protection?

If you are playing an acoustic drum kit at home or in my studio I certainly recommend some form of ear protection. I recommend the Vic Firth ear plugs or if you are looking for professional custom moulds go with ACS! Noise cancelling headphones are also an option for protecting your hearing.

Can I learn to play the music that I like?

Yes definitely! Music is an expressive art form after all! If you don’t fancy taking the more ‘academic’ approach of graded exams, we can look at building your drumming skills through your favourite songs.

Are my lessons one to one?

Yes. Online or face to face, lessons will always be conducted on a one to one basis. This ensures maximum progression of students and allows you to query anything that you may find complex and receive personalised feedback as each student struggles with different aspects of drumming at different times.

Can parents observe face to face lessons?

Absolutely, I have a seating area located in my drum studio if any parents wish to sit in on their child’s lesson.

Where are you based?

For face to face lessons I have a studio in the Warrington area which I teach from, but for online lessons - worldwide

Do you offer lessons in music theory?

Yes, theory isn’t a requirement amongst graded drum courses (1-8) although it is required for music courses at A - Level and University. If you are learning for fun, it is a good idea to have some knowledge of theory as a drummer to boost your overall musicianship.

Do you do home visits?

Yes, I do provide home visits, but please be aware that travelling time reduces the amount of students that I can see during the day, so there will be an additional charge for this depending on how far away you live.

If you would like an exact quote, please contact me with your postcode.

How old does my child have to be to start learning?

Due to the physicality of playing the Drums I find that the minimum age for learning is around 6 years old dependent on the child.

Is it too late to start learning as an adult?

Absolutely not. Music is a passion that grips people at different times, under different circumstances. We have many adult students who have come to music fresh in retirement, picking it back up from their childhood, or to complete a certain life goal. Whatever your reason, it’s never too late to start learning something new!